Thursday, May 23, 2013

A day in the life of an amateur writer

I'm am, little-by-little, realizing all the hard work that goes into being a writer. I'm not even talking about the big stuff here, like the actual writing and getting published part. Everything else is what's stressing me out. I could write, revise, and submit queries like it's my job (or just a really cool hobby).

Maybe I'm struggling so much because I don't have a set routine, or because I'm still learning a lot of the basics. In this post, I'm going to write about just how much stuff I'm still trying to learn, and how hard it is for me to do that with so much available information!

4PM I have just gotten back from a long day at work and all I want to do is relax and put my brain on silent for awhile, but ALAS! I have goals, so silence need wait for another day!

4:15PM My computer is booted up and I am getting online. Or am I? No, because the hotel I've been staying at for the last several weeks has terrible internet unless you're down in the breakfast nook. So...

4:30PM A have lugged all of my essentials down to the breakfast nook. I'm not sure if the other fellow internet users down here appreciate my Canadian pajama pants tucked into my wool socks. But no one asked them, did they?

4:45PM I pull up so many pages that I've convinced myself I need to read everyday. I'm still one vote behind the first place holder on the latest Writer's Digest competition I entered. Nothing new on Facebook except invites for games. I check the traffic from my blog and sigh in disappointment as I realize the 11 new page views are all SPAM. Hmph. I check some of my favorite blogs. (Usually in this time period I would be hammering out a few hundred words, but right now I have a break because I'm letting it fester for a few weeks so I can prepare for the revision slaughter I'm going to give it).

5:15PM Eric calls me and I talk to him on his drive home from work

6:00PM Oh my goodness. It's already 6PM, I need to go downstairs and meet my group for dinner. There are 8 of us, so...

8:00PM Yep, it was a 2 hour dinner. And now I'm ready to get to work, right after I call Eric

8:20PM NOW I'm ready to get to work, right after I shower...

8:35PM But seriously, I'm going to get to work now. Hmmm...I wonder if I got a message back from Critique Corner on the critique I just gave? Yes? Well I better write a reply...

9:00PM It's almost time for bed and I haven't written my blog post for the day! Quick! Pump something out about some book I read recently! Woo. That was close. Ooh, already one page view! Vampirestat, dammit!

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