Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blogging identity crisis!

First of all, this whole blogging every day thing is way harder than it looks. It started out with two, maybe three, ideas of things to write about. Now that I have written about those things once (my journey of learning blogging, writing, and gardening) it's really hard for me to come up with other things to blog about. I've already told you all about how I'm starting to learn about those things. I've basically told you what I've learned so far.

But I feel like this is supposed to be more about my journey to getting good at these things and less about being an expert at any one of them. SO I don't think this is going to be an informative blog. Votes are in and judges are on board - non-informative it is.

And there is one major thing I'm struggling with, my voice.

Do, re, mi, fa... NO, NOT THAT VOICE!

I'm having a mini-identity crisis with my blog. I want so much to be successful at this but it's totally uncharted territory to me. Do I want to be smart? Witty? A hub of movie and book reviews? A collection of short stories?  I've done a little bit of all of these, maybe not super successfully.

One of the things I'm trying to keep in mind is what I like to read on blogs. What are the blogs I keep returning to?  So far only two. Check Wendig and Penelope Trunk. These aren't the only two I read, but they're the only two I absolutely have to read what they write next.

Chuck is incredible unique and funny and gives pretty great writing advice. Penelope has had an incredibly interesting life (though a bit traumatic). From having Asperger's, to being molested by her father when she was younger, she had bulimia, she was a professional beach volleyball player, has started up multiple companies, and has an incredibly successful blog (and provides tips on how you can be successful too).

The point is, that these two bloggers have very interesting and very unique perspectives and voices. I want that to be me! I am so good at researching and learning about how to do something. But finding your writing voice is not something that there are step-by-step directions on how to do.

But, alas! I have found my first voice! It wasn't mine, it was a character in my book. Not a particularly big character, but I clearly pictured him, I was him!

I watched him walk across the room, stared into the eyes of his worst enemy. I even gave a soliloquy on his behalf (I may have gotten carried away with my new-found voice, so maybe that will get cut. But still...). So even though I am gasping for air with this whole blogging thing, at least I'm making some sort of progress...with something.

Wishing I could find a "Finding Your Voice For Dummies"

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  1. I felt like your voice came though on this one. Best post so far.