Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Countdown to editing my book

It's about that time...It's been 4 weeks, I only have two weeks left until it's editing time and so many things are on my mind.

I work a full-time job and devoted my after work free time to writing. Near the end of my book, I was on a roll with a writing commitment of 1,000 word a day. Since my book-writing hiatus started, I have been  doing my best to fill the extra time with value added stuff (and by that, I mean value added to writing).

I started the blogging class, launched a Twitter account, joined a critique circle and have been critiquing a lot of stories, began doing weekly short stories, and I researched a lot about the editing process and finding an agent. SO I've found myself in this little cocoon of fun things to keep me busy. Things that matter, things that are helping me become a better writer. And now I'm like a kid graduating high school. What's going to happen to me now? Blogging and I will be friends forever...right? I'm nervous that when I start writing/editing again, I will no longer have time for all these little things that I'm nervous to give up.

And, let's be honest...I'm a little scared to start editing. I'm 4 weeks removed from my book right now and I'm nervous to pick it back up. It's like your closet when you go to bed at night. You just saw your closet, there was nothing in it. It was a little messy but, no one's perfect, right? But somehow, FOR SOME REASON, you are convinced there is something in there, waiting for you to go to sleep so it can attack. That's how I feel about my book. It was alright last I saw it, obviously not perfect. I'm nervous that when I pick it up I'm going to hate absolutely everything I've written so far...

I'm going to try to enjoy these last two weeks, maybe I'll try to put some sort of writing calendar in place so I don't lose sight of the little writing activities I've grown accustomed to (and let's be honest, I'm an engineer, I love me some agendas).

Cue countdown music. Two weeks until shit gets real.

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