Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm Alive!

So it's been about a year since I started this blog and about 9 months since I last posted. Yep, I was on top of it for a record 3 months and then just stopped one day, about the same time I started a new project at work and lost touch with most of the hobbies I had :/

So, today I've decided to give this another shot, partly because maintaining this blog has helped me tremendously as a writer. Putting myself out there and forcing myself to write things completely out of my comfort zone (and I mean SO FAR out of my comfort zone that I thought I had almost lost it), has made me not only a more well-rounded writer (still amateur, let's not get ahead of ourselves), but a stronger person in general. But I think my favorite part about having the blog is that it really is just a glorified journal for me. I've been able to look at a 3 month span of my life and remember so many little things that I otherwise would have lost. My adventures in reading, writing, gardening, traveling, cooking, and blogging are all documented. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a thousand words are worth...ok, well, a thousand words. But you get the picture.

So here goes my effort to re-energize my blog for myself!

When I last posted, I had set down my novel for the obligatory waiting period suggested by absolutely every author/editor/publicist that I've researched. The thing about that waiting period though, is that it absolutely killed my writing fervor. I consider myself a pretty disciplined person, I told myself I had to write a certain number of words every week and write a certain number of blog posts every week, and I did it! When I had to put it down, I lost interest in it. I've still yet to gain that momentum back. When I stopped writing the book, I had less to write about in the weekly blogs. When I started my work project I had even less time to not only write the blogs, but do the activities I was writing about.

Life has calmed a little bit for me now, and I now feel like I am able to pick some of these interests back up. Some of the things I expect to write about over the next couple months include writing (more short stories and potentially a new novel), books that I'm reading, board games I'm playing - I'm going to review these as an exercise for myself as well as to provide a reference for board gamers, and potentially my journey of starting a small business. This last one may or may not make the blog. I'm getting really interested in it, but I'm going to hazard to say that tax laws and business licenses do not make for the most interesting subject matter.

Regardless of the blog's value, I'm looking forward to jumping back in to the adrenaline rush that is writing and letting myself grow in all sorts of different directions. Here's to a very exciting next couple of months!

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