Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogging in 2013

I have finally gotten on the blogging bandwagon. I barely have a twitter account, but blogging I am interested in. I'm not necessarily into it to make money (though no one would complain about that), I'm mostly interested in the other benefits of blogging.

I am writing my first book (hence the blog title), and want to gain readership before I'm actually ready to publish anything. I have been reading a lot (A WHOLE LOT) on blogging and how to increase traffic to your blog.

I feel like I've missed the train.

It's not that people aren't still reading or writing blogs, but it's not new or particularly interesting anymore. But that's the problem isn't it? Coming up with something that you want to write about, that's not already being said, that others will want to read.

All the sites ay to write about what interests you, write about the area of your expertise. What interests me is having interests. I'll try just about anything. For example, I've taught myself how to knit, been zip lining, love traveling, and reading. I also watch quite a bit of TV -- who wants to hear my take on the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother?


I thought so. Now. As I mentioned before, I am an aspiring author. The word author looks a little ambitious to me, but I already wrote it and I'm sticking with it. So far I have basically just been throwing up on this blog, writing about the first topic I can think of, whether it interests me or not, because -- BLOGGING IS HARD

Not necessarily the act of writing itself, but the psychological aspect. Having to think of something every day that you can convince yourself, however untrue it may be, that others want to read.

Some of the advice I've read suggests that I write about issues important to my core audience. Since I am writing a young adult fiction, I think my core audience should be late teens, but I don't just want to write for teens, I want to be relevant to all sorts of people. Only one of my interests require a teen core audience.

In an effort to keep my blog from sounding like it has some sort of split personality disorder, I will continue to post whatever I want, with no particular audience in mind.

I will be taking a blogging class in a few weeks, and it may tell me to do the exact opposite, but for now...I blog about nothing in particular.

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