Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More ways to skimp w/o losing quality

It can get really expensive to treat yourself to the things you love. Below are some tips on how to save money, without having to give up treating yourself.

1. Like sushi? Me too, but that shit is expensive. Next time you go to a sushi place, go as close to closing as possible. They can't serve the same stuff the next day, so whatever they don't sell they have to throw out. A lot of places will offer it half off after a certain hour. You can also just ask, typically they will give you at least a deal.

2. Manicures/Pedicures/Hair Cuts/Waxing - so relaxing, but not so much when you check your bank statement. Go to a beauty school, you will get amazing deals, typically they can't accept tips, and most of them are actually really good! They won't usually let them near the customers if they haven't passed some sort of manikin test...

3. Do you like to buy nice things for your kitchen? Pampered Chef has some really cool gadgets that I would love to have in my kitchen...but I usually can't afford more than one or two items. BUT, you can get 15-25% off of Pampered Chef items when you host a pampered chef party. The host gets a discount because everyone else is expected to buy something. They are pretty fun, a pampered chef representative will come and help cook dinner using some of the cool gadgets, so you get a pretty good party out of it too.

4. I love to read. I have a nook and, yes, e-books are cheaper -- but they add up. A lot of libraries now offer e-books. They usually have pretty good selections too and you can typically keep them for as long as you want, some offer magazines too so you can cancel your subscriptions!

5. Are you in to technology? If you can't afford to spend $500 on the new phone or tablet, go to amazon and buy them refurbished. They're still not exactly cheap, but you can typically get them for $50-$200 less depending on if there are any scratches.

Every dollar counts!

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